The company leverages the domain knowledge of its team to maintain world class quality in hotel products and services with a touch of the Indian hospitality. With our knowledge and experience, we help owners evaluate hotel locations, viability and development plans for optimal returns on their investments. We then collaborate with owners to implement development and operations of the hotels to deliver value to all stake holders.

Management contract services will include

  • Advise on feasibility studies of hotel proposals.
  • Budgeting and MIS.
  • Brand standards and standard operating processes.
  • Marketing channels, corporate advertising, visibility in international travel trade fairs.
  • Technical advice on design development, interiors, back of the house, IT requirements.
  • Advise on pre-opening activities.
  • Human resources and recruitment planning and training inputs.
  • Hotel / resort management.
  • Asset management and property maintenance.
  • Support from corporate office (management, technical and marketing advice).
  • IT networking.
  • Assist in maintaining a healthy relationship with the local authorities

Advantages of the hotel management model

  1. High quality management: Professional management by specialists in the industry gives owners an edge over other standalone hotels.
  2. Power of the brand: Xenious is a brand that will in a short time achieve global visibility.
  3. Human resources: Xenious hotel company realizes HR as the most critical challenge for the industry and hence the group has tie ups with leading hotel schools focusing on hospitality education. The goodwill of the senior management team in the industry is an added advantage for reaching potential employees.
  4. Quality at lower costs: The economies of scale that Xenious Hotel Company is able to leverage ensures lower capital and operating costs to owners.
  5. Marketing & PR reach: In spite of being a new company Xenious Hotel Company has been able to draw significant visibility in the press, electronic media and the web. The tie ups with marketing / distribution channels explained later will be of great advantage to the hotels.
  6. Smooth business processes and profits for owners: While Xenious Hotel Company will take thorough care of managing the hotel, the owners can enjoy a smooth business process and profits.
  7. Technical knowledge: The owners get a ready resource of technical knowledge.
  8. Xenious Management can leverage their goodwill with the local agencies to get NOC’s and clearances at a much faster rate